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Distance-learning course (Olha Vyhovska) – State-international-public: European values and norms determining interdisciplinary university module (STIPENDIUM)

Distance-learning course (Olha Vyhovska)

Due to the actual coverage of the distance learning course, the audience will become acquainted with the main social and political threats and challenges facing humanity. The module is EU-oriented, so all subjects are taught in terms of European approaches to addressing these issues, taking into account Ukrainian realities and opportunities that force third-level (educational) scholars to analyze, develop proposals and make recommendations to relevant government agencies.

Topic 2. Electoral trends in the EU member-states.

Topic 3. The trends and guidelines in higher education in the EU.IHE.

Topic 4. Formal – informal – non-formal education: issues of evaluation and validation.

Topic 5.The future of jobs and skills.

 Topic 6.Artificial intelligence, robotics and employment.

Topic 7. Integration, reintegration, disintegration: the Europe and neighbours.

Topic 8. Changing traps for global, European and national security.

Topic 9. Peacekeeping and humanitarian interventions: reasons, ways, results.

Topic 10.Gender parity.

Topic 11.Agile governance and strong State: how to balance.

Topic 12.Global governance and the problem of failed States.  

Topic 13. National identity and cultural heritage.

Topic 14.Internet as the space for political manipulation.

Topic 15.Digital world and the privacy.

Topic 16. Mobility – migration – immigration: social and political challenges.

Topic 17. Ethics and identity. Human enhancement.

Topic 18. Social conflicts. Inequality.

Topic 19. Ukraine – EU relations in the historical and contemporary overview.

Topic 20. Harmonization, unification, adaptation as methods to meet European demands, norms and societal values. National identity. slot gacorlink slot gacor