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Events – Page 2 – State-international-public: European values and norms determining interdisciplinary university module (STIPENDIUM)

Society, Trapped Values and Future of Humanity in Europe: the lessons for Ukraine

Dear colleagues! As part of the implementation of the module Jean Monnet new Article was published 

Author: Tetiana Liakh

Trapped Values

A roleplay “Monitor democracy: European and world experience for Ukraine”

A roleplay provided the participant the task to form 3 teams of 10+ people and to prepare files with the profound background of the next issues:

  1. Concepts and models of democratic theories.
  2. The monitor democracy: does it work?
  3. Functions of monitor democracy in politics (if any).
  4. Law-making and monitor democracy.

Electoral debates between Euro-sceptic and Euro-optimistic candidates

During the Roleplay postgraduate students master the material independently through analysis and evaluation of a specific case, in particular as for the expert opinion in foreign affairs and politics. Postgraduate students will recreate electoral debates between Euro-sceptic and Euro-optimistic candidates in one of the EU member-states with clear and comprehensive division of roles.

The Roleplay will allow to activate the postgraduate students’ knowledge about peculiarities of expert opinion preparation and to promote the following skills formation: to do the selection of organizational forms and methods of the expert activity; to carry out an expertise; to perform statistical analysis of the results; to prepare a report on the results of expert evaluation. This type of interaction creates a stimulating environment for demonstrating awareness on a wide range of related issues and deep professional knowledge as well as developing oratory skills and abilities.

Newsletter “Global, national, public”



The roundtable debate “Supranational bodies: shared duties or avoiding of responsibility”

The roundtable debate as a clearly structured and specially organized public exchange of views between two and more sides on a very topical for the EU issue took place in framework of the project implementation. The debates are popular in politics and widely used in conflict resolution. In this kind of public discussion the participants were trying to reach consensus providing profitable for them arguments to persuade others. The duty of each team was determined in advance and within certain time limit they should represent their facts, “pros” and “cons”. The game was evaluated by a panel of judges.

The EU well-being dimensions

With the help of digital teaching methods we study the course The EU well-being dimensions online.

Jean Monnet module, part 3, distance-learning

The COVID-19 epidemic will not hinder the implementation of the third part of the Jean Monnet module Measurements of Welfare in the EU “in the framework of the project” National-international-public: European values ​​and norms that shape the objectives of the interdisciplinary training module (STIPENDIUM) “№ 611217-EPP-1 -2019-1-UAEPPJMO-MODULE.

Dessimination of project results in scientific journals

In order to ensure the long-term impact and sustainability of the results of existing and completed Jean Monnet projects, as well as compliance with the rules of the EU Erasmus + Program, it is extremely important to ensure the quality of project results, their coverage and dissemination, especially scientific results – scientific reports, articles, reports , monographs, reference books, as well as preprints, dictionaries, encyclopedias, abstracts of scientific conferences, scientific and methodological documents, legislative proposals, dissertations – that will promote excellence in teaching and research, exchange of experience and educational work on projects.

Project coordinator Kostiuk Tetiana published an article “The experience of training experts in public administration and decision-making fields” in the collective monograph “Public and municipal administration: theory, methodology, practice”.
Publication output: Kostiuk T. The experience of training experts in public administration and decision-making fields. Public and municipal administration: theory, methodology, practice: Collective monograph. Riga: Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing”, 2020. – P. 96-114. DOI:

Publication URL:

Content module Values, Culture, Politics: Europe and Beyond

The content module “Values, Culture, Politics: Europe and Beyond” is being studied within the STIPENDIUM project.
During the quarantine, course attendees had the opportunity to remotely retrieve it on the platform, additionally taking advantage of the virtual room features of the Google Hangouts Meet program.

The second stage of the STIPENDIUM project has started

The second stage of implementation of the STIPENDIUM project has begun, which will be read by Tatiana Liakh, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work of the Boris Grinchenko Kyiv University. slot gacorlink slot gacor