State-international-public: European values and norms determining interdisciplinary university module (STIPENDIUM)

№ 611217-EPP-1-2019-1-UAEPPJMO-MODULE

Duration of the project: 01.09.2019 – 31.08.2022

Coordinators: Tetiana Kostuik, Senior Research Fellow, SRL of Internationalisation of HE, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University; Olha Vyhovska, Head of SRL of Internationalisation of HE, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

Background. Nowadays Europe faces many challenges and threats. The list of mind-bothering existing ones includes climate change, terrorism, peacekeeping, information wars, gender issue, economic and social issues etc. Not least important threats touch the State governance, social and humanistic values like future of education, skills and employment. Total transnationalization affects much the State “traditional” functions, the nation-State loses its monopoly in political and managerial decisions, the ability to control its own economy is getting considerably limited. Gradually, the nation-State leaves the sphere of world politics, the ruling groups lose the nation-state identity, as their political formula is no longer in harmony with the most prevalent feelings of the people. These trends create a background for a new (transnational) configuration of power to appear, to capture the erosion of the political subjectivity of the State, and to pass some of its functions to supranational, non-State actors. Transnational component is nowadays present in all spheres of social life and its damaging and threatening trends in one field can appear useful and progressive in another one. It’s the matter of conscious and mature approaches to administering and governance. Europe has been trotting this way for a long time, while Ukraine is just starting. Our country suffers of the lack of qualified politicians, educators, managers and public administrators in all the fields; of the lack of will to adopt and to implement progressive European experience in educating new generation preserving societal values while trying some trans-/ internationalisation. State policy of Ukraine is constantly aimed at achieving European standards. We are deeply convinced that before to elaborate and to implement right decisions at the highest level there is a need to educate a new generation of adequate policymakers and public administrators in the most vital spheres. Since there is a need to introduce educational module dealing specifically with European Union studies and issues.

The objective of the module is to provide theoretical and practical training for PhD students in public administration, political science and international relations with topical coverage of common and actual threats and trends and the ways of their overcoming in Europe.
In the framework of this educational module such activities are planned:
1) to study the EU vision of weak/ failed State and the approaches to distance national-international-supranational and to preserve nation-Sate in united Europe;
2) to study the ways the EU manage with traditional values been now trapped, promote the most societal and adapt newly appearing ones;
3) to study internationalisation processes in different fields, e.g. higher education; 4) to determine societal values and vital steps to implement them in Ukraine;
5) to make up mechanisms for the most effective cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in different fields.
The main indicators of achievement of the given module will be obtainable through next outcomes and impact: 1) the increase of awareness of European experience of public administration and the nation-State safeguarding; 2) dissemination of the case studies summaries among Ukrainian HEIs; 3) steps to promote vital values within correlation State-international-public; 4) preparation of a package of recommendations to the Ukrainian state bodies concerning the internationalisation provision in different fields.